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For many, the worst year of their lives. For others, the best. No matter how you see it, the fact of the matter is the more restaurants that are closing, the more opportunities are opened.


But not without strings attached.


The most difficult hurdle in this time is for businesses that aren't established and trusted by enough of the market to sustain themselves during these times of change. Innovation was an absolutely essential factor of surviving and prospering during the lock downs of the pandemic. Also, the businesses that had larger financial liabilities such as lines of credit or merchant loans felt much more pressure when sales declined.

But there are a handful of restaurants that may well have had the most profitable year in their existence.


Right now is your time. We are offering opportunities to start or expand your restaurant dreams. Our established brands with more than a decade of success, innovative management team and profitable systems. If you are hard working, passionate, an outside the box thinker and have startup capital, click the button below to contact our startup team about the opportunities. Here's to defeating the odds and breaking records no matter what the future holds!

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